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Will selling my junk car help me obtain some extra cash?

Can I obtain cash if I sell my junk car in NJ?


You have been seriously thinking about disposing the junk car in your back yard that has been sitting there for a couple of years. It has not only become rusty but a strange smell seems to be emanating from it. Well, you view it as garbage, and you would be thinking, “I cannot possibly sell my junk car in NJ for cash”. However, you are mistaken, as you can still get cash for your junk heap.


Do Not Assume


Do not think that your junk car is without any value simply because it has stopped working and is falling apart. There are companies offering good amounts even for cars that are totaled in serious accidents, and they do not seem to reject automobiles of any model or make. Now, you have a perfect solution at hand, by which you will not only be able to get rid of your junk car in NJ free, but also earn a fair amount in the process.


Your Car’s Best Days are Over With


Whatever be the condition of your car, it is still worth something, as it is made of metal. Secondly, many parts in your car are still quite usable. People now pay good money to purchase second hand parts, as they want to bring down their auto maintenance costs by avoiding new parts. The company that purchases your junk car in NJ will source all such parts from your car and sell them to various dealers.


The Glory Days are Gone


The company will evaluate the worth of your vehicle by considering what is salvageable, or whether the car can be repaired and sold as a second hand vehicle. If you car is a popular model or it can be repaired, then you will get a better amount, compared to junk car in NJ that is very old and does not have much usable parts.




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Great service. Definitely paid me the best cash price out of all the other BS low baller companies out there. No haggling got the money I was promised on the phone. They came in a nice new truck with their name on it. These guys are for real! Would definitely recommend or use them again.
Elias Nasseh
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