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As the tire ages, the rubber material that holds the belts together will degrade

The Age of Tires can be a Serious Safety Issue

Most people think that if the tire looks marvelous and is bright & shiny, has the right pressure, and has solid depth of tread then it is safe for the road. However, age of tire is an important factor that should be considered for driving safety. The age should especially be considered for a spare tire, which will usually look spectacular if mounted on the back.

Fact of Life

Usually spare tire remains in the trunk for many years without being used, or is used for some time and then returned to the trunk once the main tire is repaired or a new tire is purchased. Therefore, such a tire will not show much wear, and the tread will be quite deep. However, the material of the tire would have deteriorated considerably with age and it is not safe to drive with such a tire.

Tire Aging Risks

As the tire ages, the rubber material that holds the belts together will degrade. This degradation will make the rubber lose its elasticity and strength. Due to this, the tire will not be able to hold together and there are higher chances of the tire giving way when it is spinning. This can cause serious accidents, even when the person is driving the car at a “safe” speed.

According to studies, a tire has a higher risk of failure when it has aged six years or more, even if it has never been used on the road. Therefore, if you have an old spare tire that looks good, you might want to check the date of manufacture. All materials deteriorate and that is true of rubber as well. Hence, check the manufacturing date of the tire and if it is more than six years old, you have to replace it even if it looks as fantastic as a new tire. The same is true about an old car. If your car is very old, sell your junk car in NJ and earn cash. Time to move on.

You have to let bygones be bygones.

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