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Selling your old junk car in NJ would have been easy and convenient……

Online Car Auctions vs. Classifieds for Buying a Second Hand Car

Are you planning to buy a second hand car? Selling your old junk car in NJ would have been easy and convenient, but you might be wondering how to purchase another car. Well, the best ways of finding a second hand car worth Tweeting about would be to search the classifieds or take part in online car auctions. Both methods are sufficient and proven and have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.


The classified ad will usually comprise of the picture and description of the vehicle, along with some personal information about the seller. If you open the newspaper or go online, you will find hundreds of classified ads, which covers only your local area.

Online Shopping

If you widen your search to nearby areas, you will have ads in the thousands for various second hand vehicles. It is now easy to narrow down your search for a particular car, since most classified listings are categorized by area, type of vehicle, and so on. Once you have narrowed your search to certain sellers, you have the task of contacting them individually and checking out the vehicles they are selling.

A Serious Advantage

There are many online car auctions as well, but compared to classified listings for a particular area they will be less. Secondly, the choice of models in a particular auction will be limited, and hence you will have to choose an auction that has the model you want. Even though with classifieds you have a much wider choice, you have to check out each seller individually, and there is not any organized system for purchasing the vehicle, which is available in online auctions.

The Correct Questions

Remember, whichever of the two methods you choose, the burden of inspecting the vehicle rests with you. It is always better to take a qualified mechanic with you, if you want to make a fantastic or proper assessment of the vehicle you are about to purchase. If you have a friend that knows about cars, it would be wise to have them with you during this process. If you do not have such a friend, you should research a little about cars so you know what questions to ask.

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Elias Nasseh
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