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All Season Tire or Standard Tire

Types of Car Tires


There are different types of car tires, and your choice will depend on driving conditions, the weather, and the make of your car. Changing your car tires to suit driving conditions and the weather is a good idea; however, if your car were very old, it would be better to get cash for your junk car in New Jersey, and purchase another vehicle. Here is a short write up on various types of car tires.


All Season Tire or Standard Tire


Most new cars are fitted with all season or standard tires. These tires are designed for all year use in places where there is no snow or extreme winter. The pattern of the tread block is designed for standard roads, and it also provides adequate dispersion of water during wet conditions. The material of the tire is a hard rubber compound, which provides a longer life.


Winter Tire


The winter tire is specially designed for snow and icy conditions. Certain tires of this type have small studs of metal embedded in the tread to provide extra grip in snow. The pattern of the tread block on these tires will be more pronounced and large compared to the standard tire.


If you live in San Diego you do not have to worry about this (you just have to worry about living in a bankrupt city) but if you live in New Jersey, this is something you should be focusing on.


Performance Tire


The performance tire is made of a softer rubber compound in order to provide better handling and enhanced grip. These tires are mainly used for racing and other driving where there is a need for better handling and performance. Since the rubber compound is softer, it has a shorter lifespan compared to standard tire.


All Terrain Tire


The all-terrain tire is specially designed for off road driving. This type of tire has a larger tread block pattern and provides better grip on loose sand and dirt. The sidewall of this tire is much stiffer for coping with potholes and uneven surfaces.




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