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How to Negotiate for a Used Car with a Private Seller

How to Negotiate for a Used Car with a Private Seller


Certain used car dealers might source junk cars in NJ and repair them for selling them as second hand cars. There is a possibility you might obtain a lemon, and therefore you should not ignore the option of buying a used car from a private seller. However, you will have to negotiate with the private seller as well to land a marvelous deal.


What is Your Bargaining Strategy Going to Be?


The first obvious tactic is that you should never accept the asking price of the seller and have a bargaining strategy in mind. Even though cars depreciate drastically, most private sellers are not going to agree for such low prices based on depreciation. You will have to factor in market influences and the price at which the particular model having same year of manufacture is being currently sold in the second hand market.


Remember, they may love their paint job and large rims but you may not. They chose to pay for those ugly large rims, that does not mean you have too.


The next important thing to consider is whether the private seller has any money owed on the vehicle. This might significantly influence the asking price, and if the seller owes a lot, the price will be inflated to accommodate the debt. If you find quoted price much higher than the market trend, and there is encumbrance, it is better to find another seller, as it is unlikely such a seller will come down in the price.


Do Not Show the Seller All Your Cash


It is always better to hire a mechanic to inspect the car thoroughly. When the mechanic points out the various defects, you can use them to knock down the price accordingly. The seller will also know you are serious about purchasing the car, and will usually tend to agree with a professional inspecting the car. After conducting the inspection and listing the defects, you can let the seller know how much it is going to cost you to repair or fix such defects. Based on that figure you can try to ask for a lower price.


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