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Looking to get cash for cars in NJ? We are a local car buyer paying cash for used vehicles and offering free towing to NJ residents.

Cash For Junk Cars NJ

Residents in New Jersey are always looking for alternative ways to get cash for their old cars. Many of the traditional ways of selling a car are full of hassle and grief. When you sell your car to us we pay you cash and offer free towing.

Here are a few ways to sell your car in NJ and get cash:

  • List your car on craigslist. When you do this you will receive calls all hours of the day and night from low ballers and creeps. See this cash for cars video that a great local junk car buyer company put out explaining the process.
  • Sell your car to a friend, family member or neighbor. This is a good way to make enemies. What happens when the car breaks down in the future.
  • Trade in to a dealer. You don’t get any cash for your car.
  • Call a junk yard in NJ. They will give you a scrap price and not the value of a running car.
  • List your car on an online classified site  like Auto Trader or Cars.com. Theses ads run up to $100 with no guarantee of selling it.

Now you go to the internet and type in cash for cars in NJ in the  search bar and come up with a bunch of results for companies that buy used cars.

So the bottom line is when it is time to sell that car in NJ we pay the most cash for cars in NJ.


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Very positive experience. Paid highest price for my 13 year old car and picked it up 15 miles away for no charge. I was impressed with their professionalism, speed of response and overall service. They will be my only call the next time I need to put down an old horse.
Charles Hellings
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