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What to Expect at Car Auctions

What to Expect at Car Auctions


If you have sold your junk car for cash in New Jersey and looking to purchase a used car cheaply, you could try out car auctions. However, you have to be careful, as some cars in these auctions may not be in marvelous condition. Hence, you need terrific knowledge about cars and about the rules of the auction.

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In certain auctions, the cars may have extensive damage, as many cars after accidents and natural disasters land up at such auctions. Therefore, you need to find out who has put the cars up for auction. It could be independent car dealers, police, banks and financial institutions, or taxi services. Knowing from where the car originates can help you take a decision. If you do not have much knowledge about cars, it would be better to take a qualified mechanic along to inspect the car.


This could be a friend or a family member. They should be someone you trust and someone who knows about cars. If they were a mechanic years ago or just a part time mechanic, that is fine too.




Checking the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the car to find out its history is another way of gauging the condition of the car. You will come to know if the car has been in any accidents, the year of manufacture, and the value. At certain auctions, you are allowed a test drive, but you need to make sure about this before your join the auction.


Green Light


In all auctions, you need to first register, and produce verification documents like driving license and so on. Some auction need you to pay a small fee for participating while some are free. In many used car auctions, different colored lights are used to indicate different things. A red light would indicate that the care is available “as is” basis. The green light indicates the person has won the bid on a vehicle. A yellow light would mean the auctioneer is going to announce the history and other details about a particular vehicle and so on.


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