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What to Expect at Car Auctions

What to Expect at Car Auctions


If you have sold your junk car for cash in New Jersey and looking to purchase a used car cheaply, you could try out car auctions. However, you have to be careful, as some cars in these auctions may not be in marvelous condition. Hence, you need terrific knowledge about cars and about the rules of the auction.

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In certain auctions, the cars may have extensive damage, as many cars after accidents and natural disasters land up at such auctions. Therefore, you need to find out who has put the cars up for auction. It could be independent car dealers, police, banks and financial institutions, or taxi services. Knowing from where the car originates can help you take a decision. If you do not have much knowledge about cars, it would be better to take a qualified mechanic along to inspect the car.


This could be a friend or a family member. They should be someone you trust and someone who knows about cars. If they were a mechanic years ago or just a part time mechanic, that is fine too.




Checking the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the car to find out its history is another way of gauging the condition of the car. You will come to know if the car has been in any accidents, the year of manufacture, and the value. At certain auctions, you are allowed a test drive, but you need to make sure about this before your join the auction.


Green Light


In all auctions, you need to first register, and produce verification documents like driving license and so on. Some auction need you to pay a small fee for participating while some are free. In many used car auctions, different colored lights are used to indicate different things. A red light would indicate that the care is available “as is” basis. The green light indicates the person has won the bid on a vehicle. A yellow light would mean the auctioneer is going to announce the history and other details about a particular vehicle and so on.


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How to Negotiate for a Used Car with a Private Seller

How to Negotiate for a Used Car with a Private Seller


Certain used car dealers might source junk cars in NJ and repair them for selling them as second hand cars. There is a possibility you might obtain a lemon, and therefore you should not ignore the option of buying a used car from a private seller. However, you will have to negotiate with the private seller as well to land a marvelous deal.


What is Your Bargaining Strategy Going to Be?


The first obvious tactic is that you should never accept the asking price of the seller and have a bargaining strategy in mind. Even though cars depreciate drastically, most private sellers are not going to agree for such low prices based on depreciation. You will have to factor in market influences and the price at which the particular model having same year of manufacture is being currently sold in the second hand market.


Remember, they may love their paint job and large rims but you may not. They chose to pay for those ugly large rims, that does not mean you have too.


The next important thing to consider is whether the private seller has any money owed on the vehicle. This might significantly influence the asking price, and if the seller owes a lot, the price will be inflated to accommodate the debt. If you find quoted price much higher than the market trend, and there is encumbrance, it is better to find another seller, as it is unlikely such a seller will come down in the price.


Do Not Show the Seller All Your Cash


It is always better to hire a mechanic to inspect the car thoroughly. When the mechanic points out the various defects, you can use them to knock down the price accordingly. The seller will also know you are serious about purchasing the car, and will usually tend to agree with a professional inspecting the car. After conducting the inspection and listing the defects, you can let the seller know how much it is going to cost you to repair or fix such defects. Based on that figure you can try to ask for a lower price.


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All Season Tire or Standard Tire

Types of Car Tires


There are different types of car tires, and your choice will depend on driving conditions, the weather, and the make of your car. Changing your car tires to suit driving conditions and the weather is a good idea; however, if your car were very old, it would be better to get cash for your junk car in New Jersey, and purchase another vehicle. Here is a short write up on various types of car tires.


All Season Tire or Standard Tire


Most new cars are fitted with all season or standard tires. These tires are designed for all year use in places where there is no snow or extreme winter. The pattern of the tread block is designed for standard roads, and it also provides adequate dispersion of water during wet conditions. The material of the tire is a hard rubber compound, which provides a longer life.


Winter Tire


The winter tire is specially designed for snow and icy conditions. Certain tires of this type have small studs of metal embedded in the tread to provide extra grip in snow. The pattern of the tread block on these tires will be more pronounced and large compared to the standard tire.


If you live in San Diego you do not have to worry about this (you just have to worry about living in a bankrupt city) but if you live in New Jersey, this is something you should be focusing on.


Performance Tire


The performance tire is made of a softer rubber compound in order to provide better handling and enhanced grip. These tires are mainly used for racing and other driving where there is a need for better handling and performance. Since the rubber compound is softer, it has a shorter lifespan compared to standard tire.


All Terrain Tire


The all-terrain tire is specially designed for off road driving. This type of tire has a larger tread block pattern and provides better grip on loose sand and dirt. The sidewall of this tire is much stiffer for coping with potholes and uneven surfaces.




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As the tire ages, the rubber material that holds the belts together will degrade

The Age of Tires can be a Serious Safety Issue

Most people think that if the tire looks marvelous and is bright & shiny, has the right pressure, and has solid depth of tread then it is safe for the road. However, age of tire is an important factor that should be considered for driving safety. The age should especially be considered for a spare tire, which will usually look spectacular if mounted on the back.

Fact of Life

Usually spare tire remains in the trunk for many years without being used, or is used for some time and then returned to the trunk once the main tire is repaired or a new tire is purchased. Therefore, such a tire will not show much wear, and the tread will be quite deep. However, the material of the tire would have deteriorated considerably with age and it is not safe to drive with such a tire.

Tire Aging Risks

As the tire ages, the rubber material that holds the belts together will degrade. This degradation will make the rubber lose its elasticity and strength. Due to this, the tire will not be able to hold together and there are higher chances of the tire giving way when it is spinning. This can cause serious accidents, even when the person is driving the car at a “safe” speed.

According to studies, a tire has a higher risk of failure when it has aged six years or more, even if it has never been used on the road. Therefore, if you have an old spare tire that looks good, you might want to check the date of manufacture. All materials deteriorate and that is true of rubber as well. Hence, check the manufacturing date of the tire and if it is more than six years old, you have to replace it even if it looks as fantastic as a new tire. The same is true about an old car. If your car is very old, sell your junk car in NJ and earn cash. Time to move on.

You have to let bygones be bygones.

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Looking to buy an imported car after selling your junk car in NJ

Maintaining Imported Cars is not Expensive


The sales of imported cars have increased dramatically over the past few years all over the world. If you are looking to buy an imported car after selling your junk car in NJ, it may be a magnificent idea. For purchasing such cars, you might have to pay a bit more but their maintenance need not be an expensive affair. Many people think that the maintenance of imported cars will be astronomical. However, that need not be the case, as owners who conduct proper maintenance are able to keep these costs quite low.


Proper Maintenance


All car owners have to maintain their vehicles whether they own a Mercedes S-Class or a Toyota Camry. You should be more alert in maintaining imported cars, as attending to issues quickly will save you a lot of hassle and money in the end. Recommended regular oil changes, checking brakes, maintaining the right tire pressure, and regular servicing will go a long way in keeping the performance of your imported car at an optimum level.


Another important point to note is to avoid repairing an imported car by yourself, unless you are highly qualified mechanic and know what you are doing. It is better to order a repair guide for your car, to understand the mechanism and know the various issues that can come up. However, always seek the services of a professional mechanic for remedying any issues. Once you have gathered some knowledge from the repair guide, you can find out if the mechanic is knowledgeable about your car. This is not really that hard. GM has struggled for years, owes tax payers billions of dollars, and has upset many.


Honda, Nissan, and Hyundai for example are not a burden on the American people like GM is. Mechanics know these foreign cars just like they do a Ford or a GM.


Finding Parts


Another issue many people worry about is finding parts for their imported cars. However, this has become quite easy, as you can shop online and find good parts in junkyards. Since many people in the country are driving imported cars, there is always a good demand for these parts. Junkyard companies extract usable parts from old cars and sell it to individuals and second hand parts dealers.


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Tips for Buying Used Cars after you have received cash for your junk car in NJ

Tips for Buying Used Cars

After you have received cash for your junk car in NJ, you might be eager to buy another vehicle. Buying a used car can save you a lot of money, but it can be a difficult process and there are chances of being cheated as well. Here are a few tips that can make shopping for used car a much more pleasant experience.

Deciding on the Make and Model

The used car market is quite huge, and hence you are likely to find the make and model of a car you are looking for. However, first you need to decide what car you are interested in buying; otherwise, you can lose focus and end up with something that is not suitable for your needs. Instead of sticking with one model, have a few models in mind that will be suitable for your requirements. Do some research on these models and find out more about what people are saying about these cars.

Check History of the Vehicle

Once you have narrowed down your options and chosen a car at a used car dealer or auction, ask for the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Run an online check on this number, which will provide you with the history of the car. Check whether the vehicle has been involved in any accidents, and whether the mileage reading given in the report is close to the one showing in the car.

Avoid Cars with “Salvage” Title

Cars that have been in serious accidents or survived natural disasters are usually given a “salvage” title by insurance companies. Most of these vehicles are considered irreparable, but sometimes some enterprising people repair them and sell them as used cars. Avoid such cars at all costs.

Thorough Inspection

Make sure you carry out a thorough inspection of the car, preferably by a mechanic. Also, take the car for a test drive to see how it feels while driving. Make sure you take this car on a street where you can go at least 30 mph. If you can get the car up to 45 mph, that is ideal as well. Make sure the speedometer works and so on.

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Selling your old junk car in NJ would have been easy and convenient……

Online Car Auctions vs. Classifieds for Buying a Second Hand Car

Are you planning to buy a second hand car? Selling your old junk car in NJ would have been easy and convenient, but you might be wondering how to purchase another car. Well, the best ways of finding a second hand car worth Tweeting about would be to search the classifieds or take part in online car auctions. Both methods are sufficient and proven and have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.


The classified ad will usually comprise of the picture and description of the vehicle, along with some personal information about the seller. If you open the newspaper or go online, you will find hundreds of classified ads, which covers only your local area.

Online Shopping

If you widen your search to nearby areas, you will have ads in the thousands for various second hand vehicles. It is now easy to narrow down your search for a particular car, since most classified listings are categorized by area, type of vehicle, and so on. Once you have narrowed your search to certain sellers, you have the task of contacting them individually and checking out the vehicles they are selling.

A Serious Advantage

There are many online car auctions as well, but compared to classified listings for a particular area they will be less. Secondly, the choice of models in a particular auction will be limited, and hence you will have to choose an auction that has the model you want. Even though with classifieds you have a much wider choice, you have to check out each seller individually, and there is not any organized system for purchasing the vehicle, which is available in online auctions.

The Correct Questions

Remember, whichever of the two methods you choose, the burden of inspecting the vehicle rests with you. It is always better to take a qualified mechanic with you, if you want to make a fantastic or proper assessment of the vehicle you are about to purchase. If you have a friend that knows about cars, it would be wise to have them with you during this process. If you do not have such a friend, you should research a little about cars so you know what questions to ask.

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Will selling my junk car help me obtain some extra cash?

Can I obtain cash if I sell my junk car in NJ?


You have been seriously thinking about disposing the junk car in your back yard that has been sitting there for a couple of years. It has not only become rusty but a strange smell seems to be emanating from it. Well, you view it as garbage, and you would be thinking, “I cannot possibly sell my junk car in NJ for cash”. However, you are mistaken, as you can still get cash for your junk heap.


Do Not Assume


Do not think that your junk car is without any value simply because it has stopped working and is falling apart. There are companies offering good amounts even for cars that are totaled in serious accidents, and they do not seem to reject automobiles of any model or make. Now, you have a perfect solution at hand, by which you will not only be able to get rid of your junk car in NJ free, but also earn a fair amount in the process.


Your Car’s Best Days are Over With


Whatever be the condition of your car, it is still worth something, as it is made of metal. Secondly, many parts in your car are still quite usable. People now pay good money to purchase second hand parts, as they want to bring down their auto maintenance costs by avoiding new parts. The company that purchases your junk car in NJ will source all such parts from your car and sell them to various dealers.


The Glory Days are Gone


The company will evaluate the worth of your vehicle by considering what is salvageable, or whether the car can be repaired and sold as a second hand vehicle. If you car is a popular model or it can be repaired, then you will get a better amount, compared to junk car in NJ that is very old and does not have much usable parts.




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A car somehow becomes like a friend after some years, and people develop an emotional attachment to it.

Increase Your Financial Status with Junk Cars in NJ


A car somehow becomes like a friend after some years, and people develop an emotional attachment to it. There is lot of memories attached with your car, and you have never thought that it can eventually become old and useless. However, such a day finally arrives, and even though your car has become nonoperational, you just cannot decide what to do with it. After some days, you find that your old car is not only occupying space on your property but also causing various problems and making the place look untidy. At such times, you may consider: How can I sell my junk car in NJ.


Your Junk has Value


Surprisingly, selling a junk vehicle has become quite easy these days. Previously, you would have to tow your vehicle to a junk yard, which was ready to accept your vehicle. Those days are long gone, and now you can expect to be paid immediate cash for junk cars in NJ. The companies dealing in junk vehicles have increased dramatically due to the increased demand for second hand parts and vehicles. Since there are many companies, there is lot of competition, and you can expect better services and prices.


Your Car is Still Useful


Junk car removal in NJ is now a highly professional and friendly service that pays good money for junk heaps. You no longer have to spend on towing your vehicle, since these companies come to your address and tow it away free after they have paid immediate cash. You will be receiving a fair price for something that has absolutely no value to you. The company will make on the spot assessment and estimate what all is wrong with your vehicle. If your car is in relatively fantastic condition, you are likely to obtain a higher price, but if it is totaled or there are many problems, you still receive something for those materials and parts.


Do not worry, the entire car will be removed and taken away from your property.

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Earn the Maximum Amount from Your Junk Cars in NJ

Earn the Maximum Amount from Your Junk Cars in NJ

Not long ago, junk cars in NJ were a major problem, as people did not know what to do with them. Many people have even paid out of their pockets to get rid of such junk heaps from their premises. However, times have changed, and now you can earn cash for junk cars in NJ. Generating revenue out of junk is a new concept for many people, but with the downturn in the economy, junk trade is booming, and there are many opportunities to earn maximum from junk cars in NJ.

From Point A to Point B

The junk car market has developed in the past few years, since many people prefer to buy second hand cars, and use second hand parts for their repairs. Many people are now looking for utility rather than appearances, and if a second hand car is delivering the required utility at a much lower costs, people will simply love and will tolerate it despite its poor looks. You have to get to work and put in some time before you can afford to buy a nicer looking car and this is the car that will help you build that foundation.

The same is true for automobile repairs as well. People are now interested in purchasing second hand parts, rather than new ones, since there is a major price difference. All this has considerably improved junk trade, and companies are now willing to pay hard cash for junk cars in NJ.

Simple Stuff

The junk car in your backyard could have some excellent parts, or it could even be made operable with extensive repairs. Junk clearing companies are ready to invest in such vehicles, since they know they will receive a fantastic return. This means you can earn maximum from junk cars in NJ. All you need to do is contact a junk car company and ask them to come to your place at a convenient time. The company will visit your location, make a quick assessment of your car, make an offer, and if you agree, pay you cash currency for your junk car in NJ.

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Very positive experience. Paid highest price for my 13 year old car and picked it up 15 miles away for no charge. I was impressed with their professionalism, speed of response and overall service. They will be my only call the next time I need to put down an old horse.
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